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Stereoironics are The UKs number 1 Stereophonics tribute, This four piece have been together for almost a decade now and are easily the closest you will find to the real thing.

They are regularly out on the circuit gigging, and always keeping up to date with any new material from the Stereophonics along with all the classics as well. Spencer is the lead vocalist and not only is he a close look-a-like to, but also delivers the unique grit and rocky vocal tones of Kelly Jones. The boys are true fans on the Stereophonics and try to remain completely honest to them, their records and their live performances. So if you want the next best thing to the Welsh rockers then look no further than these guys.

  • Spencer Hardy – Guitar and Vocals
  • Rob Davis – Drums & Vocals
  • Graham Haldwell – Bass Guitar & Vocals
  • Scott – Guitar & Vocals
  • Ian Jeffreys – Guitar & Vocals

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